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WorX v5.6 is released

on May 1, 2017

The new WorX v5.6 packs some punch ! Exciting new Start-up modes are introduced RECORD DESIGN EXECUTE REVIEW OPTIONS [Blank]  invokes a new WorX Start Up screen Exploratory Testing / Context-Driven Testing / Session-Based Testing A new RECORD mode assembles test cases for you automatically while you simply interact with the system you’re testing Ability to Forget/Remember/Ignore/Notice specific windows Automatic commentary on the arrival and departure of each window or change of window caption or URL Automatic Date/Time Stamps for every image and/or comment A new DESIGN mode lets you rapidly assemble test cases by hand New Test Case Templates come into play Additional Test Steps are added automatically to test cases as you build them User may toggle freely between the new DESIGN / RECORD / EXECUTE / modes at any time New Quick WIN feature Send Quick (W)orX (I)nstant (N)otes to any test case cell directly from the WorX interface without visiting the test case. Unlimited Single or Multiline messages can effectively be “tweeted” or “texted” to your open test case. New Snapshot Features 6 Snapshot Modes are now available Screen Region Foreground Window Last Recorded Window Selected Window Whole Screen Clipboard New Floating Snapshot icon Snapshot instantly to any column at any time No need to pre-nominate a snapshot column Customisable icon click actions New “Bypass Annotation” option lets you rapidly insert snapshots without adding comments Customisable Annotation Colour Palette Snapshots and Image handling in Excel Images and snapshots now handled in Excel Test Cases New Snapshot toolbar in excel allows you to Resize and Place images to fit cells Images and comments are unpacked & separated out by WorX at run time New Date/Time Stamp options Add a Date/Time stamp to any Snapshot, Comment, or Quick WIN Instantly Update Tests on-the-fly Navigate instantly to any Test Case cell during execution to update tests Window Zooming Enhancements +/- to resize images in Zoom Browser +/- to resize images in main Execution Windows Zooming restrictions in WorX are removed. Zoom limits are now determined by Words ability to fit an image within a document Images can now be resized to less than their original size New Global Options Management System New TreeView navigation Display of Min/Max Values, Choice...

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WorX v5.5 is Released

on Apr 15, 2017

WorX v5.5 brings exciting new features to the fingertips of Test Engineers: DataGrids in Excel The powerful DataGrid feature has now been extended to Excel test cases. WorX can now rapidly fire data from ranges of cells in Excel test cases straight into the application we’re testing. Seeing is believing! Smart new Snapshot features Vibrant new Snapshot features allow you to quickly update your test cases during execution or snap images to go with your defect discoveries. Take any number of Whole-Screen or Screen-Region snapshots during execution and insert those into your test cases in super-quick time. The new Colour Assist feature allows for easy annotations and comments to be bundled with our snapshots. New open Defect Integration Adaptor WorX can now integrate with any software system that’s happy to talk. A simple and straightforward integration mechanism now lets you connect WorX to your favourite Defect Tracking System. Other Goodies Snapshots are now automatically resized for us to fit the width of our columns in Word Test Cases Our test case results are now Bookmarked for us in Word New Special Commands are available in our DataGrids And much much...

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Inflectra partnership announced

on Dec 9, 2014

Autom8 are proud to announce a partnership with Inflectra Corporation – Maryland, United States http://www.inflectra.com About Inflectra Corporation Inflectra is a privately held software company dedicated to helping customers –  large corporations, small businesses, professional services firms, government agencies and individual developers – with the means to effectively and affordably manage their software development lifecycles, so as to decrease the time to market and increase return on investment. Inflectra are headquartered in the growing technology community of Silver Spring, Maryland located just outside Washington, D.C. A strong focus on providing an excellent customer experience helps Inflectra attract and retain customers of all sizes, across a broad range of markets and industries. Private ownership and a debt-free structure also allow Inflectra to offer customers stability and the promise that they will continue to offer them support long after the close of a sale. Inflectra develop a range of exciting Quality Management Software, Testing Tools & Project Management Software: The integration of SpiraTest and WorX makes for a powerful combination – offering testing teams a powerful package of web-based test management in SpiraTest alongside the accelerated test case assembly & execution features in WorX.     RECORD mode SpiraTest users can do Exploratory & Context-Driven Testing with the new RECORD Mode Right from the SpiraTest Interface, they can record new test cases into Word and Excel and have them hooked up automatically into SpiraTest to be Managed / Traced / Reported WorX will catch the arrival and departure of every window they interact with, add comments to go with those, and build a brand new test case in Word or Excel for them automatically   DESIGN mode SpiraTest users can quickly assemble new test cases by hand with the new DESIGN mode Vibrant Snapshot features, etc Unprecedented authoring freedom   EXECUTE mode SpiraTest users can run their existing Word & Excel test suite directly from the SpiraTest interface with the new EXECUTE mode No Migration effort Accelerated Manual Testing Rapid Data Entry  Data in their Word & Excel test cases can be fired directly into the system under test Fast & Flexible Screenshot & Imaging Capabilities   OPEN & REVIEW modes The whole team can access the Word & Excel test...

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Tezza partnership announced

on May 6, 2014

Autom8 are proud to announce a partnership with Tezza Business Solutions – Nairobi, Kenya http://www.softwaretestingafrica.com About Tezza Business Solutions Tezza specialize in providing personalized Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services within a streamlined, phased delivery channel. With a primary goal of putting technological solutions to work in practical ways that ensures a healthy bottom-line, their solutions reflect a deep understanding of real-world business challenges. Working in conjunction with clients they are able to create and implement result-oriented personalized...

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Times Square Solutions partnership announced

on Jan 2, 2014

Autom8 are proud to announce a partnership with Times Square Solutions – United Kingdom About Times Square Solutions Times Square Solutions is a UK based company focused on bringing testing productivity improvements. With a wealth of experience in software testing tools, Times Square offers the testing world genuine innovation with new products and solutions. A strong services and support team ensures that customers get great improvement in their delivery in the shortest possible...

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