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WorX v5.6 is released

on May 1, 2017 in News

The new WorX v5.6 packs some punch !

Exciting new Start-up modes are introduced

  • [Blank]  invokes a new WorX Start Up screen

Exploratory Testing / Context-Driven Testing / Session-Based Testing

  • A new RECORD mode assembles test cases for you automatically while you simply interact with the system you’re testing
        • Ability to Forget/Remember/Ignore/Notice specific windows
        • Automatic commentary on the arrival and departure of each window or change of window caption or URL
        • Automatic Date/Time Stamps for every image and/or comment
  • A new DESIGN mode lets you rapidly assemble test cases by hand
        • New Test Case Templates come into play
        • Additional Test Steps are added automatically to test cases as you build them
        • User may toggle freely between the new DESIGN / RECORD / EXECUTE / modes at any time

New Quick WIN feature

  • Send Quick (W)orX (I)nstant (N)otes to any test case cell directly from the WorX interface without visiting the test case.
  • Unlimited Single or Multiline messages can effectively be “tweeted” or “texted” to your open test case.

New Snapshot Features

  • 6 Snapshot Modes are now available
        • Screen Region
        • Foreground Window
        • Last Recorded Window
        • Selected Window
        • Whole Screen
        • Clipboard
  • New Floating Snapshot icon
        • Snapshot instantly to any column at any time
        • No need to pre-nominate a snapshot column
        • Customisable icon click actions
  • New “Bypass Annotation” option lets you rapidly insert snapshots without adding comments
  • Customisable Annotation Colour Palette

Snapshots and Image handling in Excel

  • Images and snapshots now handled in Excel Test Cases
  • New Snapshot toolbar in excel allows you to Resize and Place images to fit cells
  • Images and comments are unpacked & separated out by WorX at run time

New Date/Time Stamp options

  • Add a Date/Time stamp to any Snapshot, Comment, or Quick WIN

Instantly Update Tests on-the-fly

  • Navigate instantly to any Test Case cell during execution to update tests

Window Zooming Enhancements

  • +/- to resize images in Zoom Browser
  • +/- to resize images in main Execution Windows
  • Zooming restrictions in WorX are removed.
      • Zoom limits are now determined by Words ability to fit an image within a document
  • Images can now be resized to less than their original size

New Global Options Management System

  • New TreeView navigation
  • Display of Min/Max Values, Choice Lists, Descriptions
  • New OPTIONS start-up mode to administer options only
  • New Project Level & Global Level Options

New Transportable Execution Layouts

  • Load and Save Execution Layouts to external files to transport between test cases, workstations, teams, projects etc

Enhancements to Excel Test Management Adaptor

  • Multiple modes introduced for [WorX] button
        • [WorX] – (to execute selected test case)
        • [Review Master Test Case]
        • [Review Execution Result]
  • Command Column added to WorX_Field_Mappings sheet
        • “Hyperlink” will wrap hyperlink syntax around value returned by WorX
        • “Append” will append, rather than overwrite the value returned by WorX